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Aircom Manufacturing in the News
Monday, 28 April 2008 10:25

Aircom is mentioned in The Indianapolis Star and the Community Newsletter as a key supporter of the World-class McKenzie Robotics Team. Engineer Mick Trompen explains how this unique program benefits from partnerships with local businesses, such as Aircom, to prepare Indiana's future workers for high-tech manufacturing careers.

From The Indianapolis Star, "Future at their Fingertips" (April 5, 2008)

"I think the bigger picture is what this does for the future of engineering and technical jobs in Indiana," said Mick Trompen, director of research and development for Indianapolis-based Aircom Manufacturing and a mentor for Kil-a-Bytes. "We're building a scientific and technically based work force four or five years down the road when these kids get out of college."

From the Community Newsletter, (March 2008 issue)

Having the mentorship of local engineers is a huge benefit, said Carletta Sullivan, McKenzie's School-to-Work Coordinator. Lawrence North student Taylor Chenoweth landed an internship at Aircom Manufacturing after its program mentor, Mick Trompen, noted his remarkable skill designing robots.

"He's just a unique kid," Trompen says of Taylor, who joined Aircom as a summer intern in 2007 and continues to work part-time during the school year. "He has a good head for things that are mechanical." With his experience at Aircom and on the Robotics Team, Chenoweth will be far ahead of his peers when he gets to Purdue University next fall.

"It's been fun to watch this kid develop into a really accomplished young adult through all this," Sullivan said. "When you walk into the room and you see a kid on his hands and knees on the floor with an engineer talking about the trade off between speed and power, that's a rich moment."

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