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Maximize Quality, Minimize Cost with Insert Molding
Thursday, 28 August 2008 10:40

Did you know insert molding could save you time and money and result in a more structurally sound product?

This useful technique allows plastic material to be injected into a mold containing a precisely placed insert. Inserts can be made of metal (nuts, screws, motor shafts, etc.) or from different types of plastic (a technique also known as over-molding).

"Insert molding is not a new technique, but it is a technique that requires some finesse," said Gerald Peterson, Aircom's Director of Magnetic Technology.

Injection-molded magnetic parts often require inserts to improve their functionality. When a brass collar or nut is molded right into a part, for instance, it is ready to thread directly onto the end of a motor shaft or transmission. Another common insert molding application would be over-molding a soft-touch handle over a sturdy inner core.

Aircom uses insert molding and over-molding for a variety of industries and applications, including telecommunications, consumer products and medical devices.

"The process not only results in a stronger part, it saves our customers time and money because additional assemblies are eliminated," said Greg Lyon, Aircom's Executive Vice President.

Without the need for additional fasteners and connectors, insert molding often yields lighter parts, allowing for greater design flexibility. The insert becomes an integral piece of the component, which prevents problems later, such as part loosening and misalignment.

There are numerous applications for insert molding, and Aircom is equipped to handle these diverse needs. With machines ranging from 30-ton to 400-ton capacity, Aircom adeptly processes inserts of all sizes. Additionally, Aircom is experienced in using an array of diverse materials for insert and over-molding applications.

To learn more about insert molding, contact Gerald Peterson at (317) 545-5383. As your contract manufacturing partner, Aircom provides innovative solutions for your business needs.