Medivative is uniquely positioned to provide contract design, development and manufacturing services to companies within the medical device community. Whether your product is a complex diagnostic instrument, drug delivery system or high volume disposable, Medivative is a company you can trust. Our quality systems ensure the consistent quality and traceability that your products require.

CAPITAL EQUIPMENT – Soft tissue resection technology

Knowing that we designed and build the ATEC Breast Biopsy console, the inventor of the patented technology came back to us and asked us to design and develop a console and handpiece that would be used for soft tissue resection. Our engineers were excited about the opportunity to participate in developing a device that could usher in a revolutionary surgical approach that could potentially save many who previously had no hope. Everything from industrial design to prototyping to production was done at Medivative and we also participated in cadaver studies. Today, Myriad is used in top ranked hospitals all over the world.


COMBINATION PRODUCT – Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Auvi-Q is a combination product used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. The industrial design, design for manufacturability, prototyping and production of clinical trial devices was done at Medivative. The design and build of a fully automated assembly line was supervised by our automation engineers and cold chain logistics were set up by our supply chain staff. To date, we have produced millions of the Auvi-Q and Allerject injectors.



The Curette is used as a minimally invasive solution intended for displacing bone. The benefits are precise depth adjustment, single-handed control and a unique tip design for effective bone displacement. In this case, our customer came to us with a design. They did, however, ask for input regarding manufacturability. After running Moldflow analysis and a review by our Manufacturing Engineers, we made recommendations that not only improved moldability and assembly, but also saved money. We also helped with packaging, pad printing development and manage the sterilization.



The BrainPath is intended to “provide for access and allow for visualization of the surgical field during brain and spinal surgery.” Using this technology, surgeons are able to gain subcortical access without the debilitating effects of conventional methods. In addition, surgeons may use BrainPath to access tumors, cysts and vascular abnormalities; such as helping stroke victims by evacuating clots caused by intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Medivative provided design for manufacturability services for the obturator and designed and developed the sheath. Obturators are machined and laser etched while the sheaths are injection molded and pad printed.