Intended Use and User Needs

Defining the user needs is the most important step of the process and a deliberate collaborative approach will result in the most expedient and successful product launch. Nobody knows the user needs better than the user and our designers will be there to assist in asking the right questions when gathering these inputs. The definition process helps to insure that critical features of the product and potential certification needs are not missed and the intended use of the device and user/patient needs are met.


After the design input phase has been completed and there are no incomplete, ambiguous or conflicting requirements, the creativity of our team kicks in. Our engineering and design staff will use their diverse experience and skills to make your concept a reality. This is the phase where we really put our talents to their best use – solving problems and creating a cost-effective, manufacturable product. Our engineers take pride in providing solutions to complex problems from concept to production.

In-house engineering expertise:

  • Industrial Design
  • Part design analysis
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Metallurgy
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing


Prototyping is a critical phase in the development process. Although much can be done to try to anticipate potential product issues, nothing beats getting that first prototype in your hands for testing. Prototypes are a crucial part of design verification – verifying that all the design inputs are or will be met. Whether it’s a simple metal bracket, an SLA of a plastic component, a printed circuit board or a complete electro-mechanical system, Medivative will take care of all your prototyping needs.

Design Validation

The purpose of design validation is to confirm that production representative devices meet the defined intended uses for users and patients. Medivative will support your validation activities by producing your device using our defined and validated production processes in typical conditions. Our engineers and program managers are also eager and willing to assist in the validation activities.