Cold Chain Capability

Medivative is equipped to handle a temperature-controlled supply chain. We understand that temperature control and monitoring is important when dealing with pharmaceuticals and we monitor and document that your products have been kept at a consistent temperature from manufacture to storage to distribution.

Inventory Management & Consignment Arrangements

If your business experiences sporadic or cyclical changes in demand or a steady flow of orders, we have solutions for every inventory challenge. We can provide same day shipment to your customer, maintain inventory within a min/max requirement, or monitor and send consistent updates via email, upload to your website or upload to other software systems.

Direct Shipments to Your Customers

We offer shipment of finished product directly to the end-user. Whether pick and pull from finished inventory for same-day shipment or build-to-order, your direct-ship product can include custom packaging, labeling, and documentation specific to your shipping requirements. ASNs and tracking information can be provided at time of shipment for ease of tracking.

Transaction Management

Our software systems can support web-based and EDI transactions as well as I-Supply.  Our programming capabilities allow us to customize order entry, shipment status and invoicing to the requirements of your systems.